Digital marketing is now essential to every business.

It is a fast moving world and I make it my aim to keep on top of developments as they evolve so you don’t have to.

If you would like more customers, more sales and more success online – let me guide you through the best practices to achieve this.

Combined with my background in traditional marketing and PR, I can help you with a broad spectrum of ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Your online marketing strategy should cover the various digital platforms available to you, but will probably focus on one or two for greatest effect.

It will be important to have great content, but also to engage and grow with your audience and offer real solutions for their challenges.

Analysing, and tweaking your marketing strategy will be important.

Monitoring what works and what does not, and of course, planning and scheduling.

Organic reach is still possible, but requires time and effort.

Advertising will be part of the mix to acquire and keep new customers.

It is possible to target those potential customers very specifically to avoid wasting your budget and is extremely flexible.

Video will make up 70% of internet traffic by the end of 2019, so if you havn’t yet made videos (and these days, that can mean on your smart phone – no need for expensive productions for everyday use) then it is time to get on with that.

You don’t have to be in front of the camera, there are great Apps that allow you to create appealing and inexpensive videos from behind the lens.

However, an evergreen professional video that can be used on your website, social media platforms and widely promoted will be a useful marketing tool for your business.

Live streaming is hot right now. I can help you create a Periscope or use Facebook Live or set up your You Tube Channel.

These can be saved to re-use for other marketing purposes such as podcasts, webinars or translated to blog posts.

Facebook’s ever changing algorithm favours Live video in its news streams so it is a good opportunity to get in front of your audience currently.

Linkedin has added native video as an option.

How about showing your customers how your product is made behind the scenes?

Or showing how your business ticks?

Or taking the opportunity to show who YOU are.

Are you a restauranteur, that could demonstrate how a dish is created, or a florist who can create a floral design made from scratch?

Maybe you are a real estate agent who provides great customer service, or a yoga studio who can show off what your classes offer?

Last and NOT least.  AR and VR are building traction in the marketing space.

Facebook said it will provide developers with precise location, object recognition, and 3D effects tools they need to start building their own custom AR experiences. That could mean anything from AR games to a retailer placing a data card over a product in front of the camera.

Undoubtedly, Apple and Google will follow so it is worth thinking about how these latest technologies can benefit your marketing strategies.

There will be a lot of e-commerce opportunities around the corner!

Contact me at louisehbradley@hotmail.com for further information or find more info on Linkedin via the link below.


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