Autumn around Sydney Harbour



These are the moments that take us from the heat of summer to the relative cool of winter.

Hailing from the northern hemisphere, our autumn days here seem very heady and summery.



Wondering where the madness of Brexit will go next?

I love the UK, and having been brought up in Scotland and England in about equal measure, I feel an affinity to both.

I’ve lived around half my life in sunny Australia now.  So I am clearly a bit of a mongrel (in the nicest sense).

I would have been a ‘remainer’ with the UK vote, but now just would like it all to be over… for everyone’s sake, including us watching public.

How do those News Editor’s and commentators come up with anything new to say (barring of course May’s potential resignation offer yesterday).

The sadness is that our world seems to be more polarised than it has been for some time.

I have friends who love Trump and loathe Trump.

Jacinda Ahern said today it’s all about ‘humanity’ not domestic issues or ethnicity at the Christchurch memorial ceremony.

I think we need a little dose more of those thoughts around politics generally…

On a lighter note, I have ordered several beautiful full length cotton dresses to take with me to India, and am currently trying out three different pairs of ‘comfy’ shoes to walk around in.

I’m not necessarily of the ‘comfy’ ilk generally.  Yet, I would not call myself vain (ha ha).

Plus, I have ordered a new body for my camera.

A Nikon DX750.  It seems to cover all my needs and I can use my existing lenses, speedlights etc with it.

Photos will follow with the new kit….






Just for Fun


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So…..I decided to get a bit more ‘social’ about social media after a year being more active workwise, than vocal on my blog.

If you would like a hand, navigating Facebook/Instagram advertising or help writing a press release/contacting journalists, or a bit of a hand with content marketing or public relations in general, I’m still here to help.

But this year, I have to decided it is time to re-explore the creative side of my life, travel a bit (hopefully a lot!) and take up some new hobbies.

I’m going to share them with you, dear reader, to enjoy the experience second hand or feel inspired to try some of these for yourselves.

It will involve visiting other countries, taking up new artistic pursuits, creating podcasts (a step by step guide for those of you who love the idea but don’t know where to start) and generally having some fun.

And yes, there will be a fair number of photographs of pets.  As we are a ‘pet’ family.

You are welcome to skip those to the parts that you enjoy the best, and if, like us, your life is enriched with furry feline friends, then you might enjoy them too.

The beauty featured in this particular post is Bella.  It was not my first choice of name, but she lives up to the name in every respect.Bella tub

Our one year old chocolate labrador simply enriches our lives (and finally has stopped chewing our shoes and furniture) which of course makes her all the more adorable.

Looking forward to a great year ahead, and sharing adventures of the travel, creative and the ‘social’ variety with you.

What are you planning to do a bit differently this year?

Have you exciting ideas to share?





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Spit Manly


I hope this is a ‘thing’!

I had this thought in my mind as I walked the beautiful Manly-Spit walk today.

There are many types of beauty but this was a particularly refreshing view today. 

It is 40 degrees here in Sydney.  A heatwave even by our standards.

I listened while I walked to a very uplifting podcast that featured Alan Moore on the Entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs Podcast

Thank you for the recommendation  John McFadden it truly was inspirational.

What if every company had aspirations of that sort of beauty?

What a world that would be!



#dogoodthings #linfluencers #worldkindness #NoLetUp

This article was originally posted on Linkedin.

How To Use Augmented Reality to Build Your Business


This week I discovered that I was able to create my own special Camera Effect AR Frame for Stories on Facebook.  And of course, had to give it a try!

Facebook is launching a series of new features to help people customise their photos and videos in the social network’s continuing battle with Snapchat, an app that put the camera, photos and video at the front-and-center of social interactions. Today, Facebook is unveiling a new tool that will allow anyone, including Facebook Page owners, to create custom profile frames for user’s photos. It’s also introducing similar capabilities, along with other effects that can be used on both photos and videos, with its new “in-app camera” available in a single test market (courtesy of TechCrunch).

I’m not a graphic designer and had not the first clue but thanks to a very informative Tutorial by Neil Bennett, in Digital Arts I actually managed to create a Frame that Facebook approved.  If you would like to try you own, read this article.

Mother's Day2

It’s a bit cheesy, and floral but did involve some effort.  I took photographs of some flowers  in Manly.  Then used an App called Cutout (Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator does the same) to isolate the little plants.

Uploaded them to Canva and then saved as a PNG with a transparent background.

Simple, when  you know how!

Within 24 hours, my Frame was approved and quite a few people have been using it!

I believe it is only contacts within my own Facebook presence that can use the Frame I created but it does open up huge possibilities for digital marketers.

Tomorrow, I will make some suggestions that you might consider to help build your business using this technology.  I’d love to hear yours.







10 Lesser-Known Facebook Ad Features (and Why You Should Use Them)

Source: 10 Lesser-Known Facebook Ad Features (and Why You Should Use Them)

If you are interested in Facebook Ads.  I highly recommend you read this article.

Power Editor and Ads Manager can be quite challenging if you don’t keep up to date with the fairly frequent changes that Facebook makes.

There are paid options that simplify things like AdEspresso which are excellent if you have the budget for them.

And if you are using Instagram as a stand alone platform, the Ad options are pretty simple to use in comparison to going through the Facebook platform.

However, this article published in Social Media Today written by Jay Shemenski (@jshemenski) sets out the options in a really clear and easy to understand format which is why I thought I would save it here for you all!

Congratulations to a lovely guy!


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John Kapos, one of the best when it comes to social media in Australia promoting a small business…

Perfection Chocolates!


choc johnny.png

Have a look at his site. Don’t be put off by the monaker Chocolate Johnny, this is a very smart marketer. Endorsed by the likes of Social Media Examiner and many more.

Yum, yum, yum…..


Salted caramel, hot chocolate, little yummy bears with high end chocolate….he does them all.

Can’t wait to try some more!









How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Here’s a simple guide to creating a social media content calendar to help boost your presence. It’s one of the most important elements when working out how to spend your time.

Particularly, if you are a solopreneur and managing your business’s day to day needs and time poor.

But everyone needs a structure for their marketing/PR/social/digital strategy and this is a useful tool for different aspects of your business.

There are many similar articles out there, but this one by Dhariano Lozano (@DhariLo) is one of the best I’ve seen.

Source: How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar


How to Rock a Presentation!


15 tips on How to Rock a Presentation courtesy Jeff Sieh, Peg Fitzpatrick and Rebekah Radice via Blab 6 May 2016 AEST
Blab May 6 2016
1.  Start with a joke or light hearted banter to engage your audience in the first two minutes.  This will capture your audience and calm your nerves.
2. Practise all your material well beforehand. Know your topic and what you are there to share.
3. Rebekah Radice records her presentations on her iPhone and listens to them fully to tweak any alterations that need to be made well in advance. Her presentations are made up to a month ahead and only small changes made closer to the time.
4. Talk it out loud to yourself in the mirror so that you can see what hand gestures you are making (watch out!)  🙂 or faces you might be pulling…  ‘sometimes I feel like an Italian – nail that hand down’! says Rebekah.
5.Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Peg Fitzpatrick agrees with Rebekah that is the best way to create a successful presentation.
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.35.31 AM
6. Know your stage.  You will present differently according to the size of your setting.  Your energy has to reach the back of the room, whether that is an auditorium or a small intimate space.
7.Match your energy to the size of the room advises Jeff Sieh.
8.Make sure you know how to use the tech.  Are you bringing your own laptop?  How does the clicker work?  There is more than one variety.  Make sure you are comfortable with your equipment.
9. Even with the best preparation, tech can fail and slides you have created for your presentation might not be available on the day because of technical issues.  Make sure you know your material thoroughly so you can still be comfortable with your ‘story’ if this happens.
10.  Tell a story in your presentation and one that is appropriate for your audience.  If you are re-using material be sure that is tweaked for the people who are listening on that day.
11. People are coming to see YOU. Your slides should be an extension of everything you are talking about.
12. Use text on your slides when you are ‘mentioning a resource or hard facts‘ advises Peg, so people can refer to it if they missed something you just said. Or if you want to emphasise a particular point or piece of information.
13.Wear suitable clothing that makes you feel good. Get your hair done, present yourself well. The better you feel, the better you will come across.
Women need to consider where the microphone pack will go as often you have to attach it in front of your audience.  Clothes with a pocket are helpful.  Be ware of wearing a skirt or dress if your audience is below you – watch the length!
14. Re-watch your presentations/live  video like Jeff Sieh does.  He checks out the footage however uncomfortable that might make him feel. This way you can learn what crutches to cut out in future like too many ‘um’s’ and ‘ah’s’ and see where to improve.
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.41.21 AM
15. ‘Nerves can be good as they give you extra energy’ and Jeff advises taking that negative energy and harnessing it to turn it into a positive.  Peg takes a sip of water if she feels herself talking too fast and everyone suggested taking a breath as a good thing! Breathing is always useful!
Practise, Preparation and Knowledge of your material. 
Do what it takes to make you ‘feel’ confident.
Check your Tech. 
Turn your nerves into Positive Energy and remember even seasoned Professionals can struggle.  
Fonz apparently threw up before every performance and went on to give a stellar show.
For more information on How to Rock a Presentation visit Jeff Sieh’s site
ps. if you are a guy and don’t want to get your hair ‘done’ rocking a beard might help 🙂