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Image courtesy Lidya Nad – Unsplash

This is a shout out for Zohair Yousafi a WordPress ‘Happiness Engineer’.

Well, Zohair you have indeed made me very happy today! Thank you.

I think one of the lessons in life that I have learned along the way, is to play to your strengths and delegate/pay for others skills where necessary.

In 30 minutes Zohair solved my various website problems and taught me how to resolve some of them myself.

Something, I had literally spent hours trying to do…

If content, not code is your thing, I highly recommend a business plan with WordPress, because their ‘Engineers’ are not only super efficient, but super patient and helpful and don’t make you feel like a complete idiot for what I am sure must often be simple solutions.

It is that old adage, it is easy when you know how!