Nelson Bay is one of my favourite places in the world, so seems a good spot to start this blog.  Over the next year, I am going to share with you the best of the health, wealth and kindness tips that I come across.

This is how it will unfold.

Manly Monday – I happen to live in Manly, Sydney Australia.  A particularly beautiful part of the world.  I am going to  share lots of photos with you.  I’m also going to share some manly tips….we will let those be revealed later. I think it’s always good to give tips to men.  It is always good to share!

Tight-ass Tuesday.  Money saving tips which will be curated from around the world.  Possibly some tips for tight asses from my PT (personal trainer) daughter.

Woop it up Wednesday. Time to dance, prance, book a holiday or buy exquisite or fun gifts.

Thoughtful Thursday.  I’m planning to pick the best of the bunch I come across each week.  We can live with them just one day a week…

Frisky Friday.  Ideas to get you in the mood.  This could vary widely.  We will leave that to the imagination right now, but not just for those with partners.  Might just be inspiring you to do something you have dreamed of – like writing a book, running 5kms, meeting your dream partner…

Sanity Saturday. A special time to do something good for yourself.

Serenity Sunday.  Time off to chill.  We all need time out.

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