Tight-ass Tuesday

A few years ago I suggested to a celebrity chef that I know that he become involved with Oz Harvest . A great initiative that scoops up (not entirely literally) quality excess food from restaurants and functions and re-distributes to those that need it around Australia.  He didn’t pursue it at the time, but I am happy to say he is now one of their enthusiastic Ambassadors…

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Another foodie type friend who catered for well known musicians including a band, who let’s say, weren’t The World Health Organisation – organised a party where despite the vast payment involved, made her feel quite queasy at all the conspicuous waste (including some beautiful silk cushion seating which she knobbled for domestic use rather than bin).

On a rather lesser scale, I save bananas.  And a surprising amount of other fruit and veg.  Chop ‘em, bag ‘em, freeze them.  Works a treat and makes smoothies open to a world of unusual opportunities.

The fantastic world of Letitia Cropley.

The fantastic world of Letitia Cropley.

What do you freeze rather than throw?

Banana bags...

Banana bags…

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