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Irish dancers

Irish dancers

Frisky Friday boys. #irishdancers #lordofthedance #MichaelFlatley

From the age of 4-13 I went to a school that I loved.  Westbourne School for girls (now blended with Glasgow Academy in Scotland).

Every single morning we would exit assembly to the strains of the congregation (primary school kids) humming to the rendition of Lord of the Dance on a rather ancient piano.

I remember only too well, the pianist wore tan tights and had black hairy legs which were trapped under said tights…possibly one of the reasons I wax, shave and pluck for extremely smooth skin these days.  But Mrs McNicoll, I applaud you for your stand.

Two hundred little girls filing out in orderly fashion, humming along – no speaking allowed, they were quite strict about the non-singing as I recall.

In fact, it was one of the first times in my life, where I remember thinking I felt like standing up in assembly and shouting something quite inappropriate (at that age, this may well have meant, “I love Donny Osmond” – I really did love him!).

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games transported me magically back there tonight in the Sydney, Australia version. Courtesy of some impressive choreography and spectacular theatre and seriously great dancing…

Not a purple gym pant in sight (only the ‘purple perils’ would understand this one) with stunning dancers in gorgeous costumes.

Did I imagine, as I danced my way out of assembly at 6 years old, that one day I would be sitting in the Capitol Theatre in Sydney enjoying this version with great friends?  No, I didn’t.

Isn’t life great sometimes!

The Lord of the Dance song will be an ear worm I can’t shake off for at least a day, but that is fine.  It is full of happy memories.

“If you have a dream, and you are willing to work for that dream nothing is impossible” (Michael Flatley)

What songs inspire wonderful nostalgic childhood memories in your life?

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