Sanity Saturday & Serenity Sunday 

The weekend….

The weekend….

A double post including my favourite flowers, sunshine and cool music. I am lacking sleep as I was watching New Zealand play South Africa in the Rugby World Cup in the middle of the night here in Sydney.

My ex-husband actually cried in a pub in Twickenham when the All Blacks ‘drew’ against England.  As a big manly rugby player himself (when he wasn’t banking) that was when I realised that kiwis see rugby as far more than a sport, and it is literally a religion in New Zealand.

So this year, I became an Australian Citizen, but have children with NZ passports.  What to do? I am going to take the glass half full attitude and say I win any way it goes (as long as the Wallabies beat Argentina).

My dad would have been a bit sad to see the northern hemisphere teams bomb out were he still alive…next time dad!

Now back to the bbq duties. It’s a warm spring day here in Sydney and the fish is marinading in lime and coriander, and the kids are making green smoothies with a lot of mess in the kitchen. Often more tasty than they look.  Often wonder if it wouldn’t be cheaper to pay someone else to make them, and avoid the mess…

So, share with me what made your weekend special?

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