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So…..I decided to get a bit more ‘social’ about social media after a year being more active workwise, than vocal on my blog.

If you would like a hand, navigating Facebook/Instagram advertising or help writing a press release/contacting journalists, or a bit of a hand with content marketing or public relations in general, I’m still here to help.

But this year, I have to decided it is time to re-explore the creative side of my life, travel a bit (hopefully a lot!) and take up some new hobbies.

I’m going to share them with you, dear reader, to enjoy the experience second hand or feel inspired to try some of these for yourselves.

It will involve visiting other countries, taking up new artistic pursuits, creating podcasts (a step by step guide for those of you who love the idea but don’t know where to start) and generally having some fun.

And yes, there will be a fair number of photographs of pets.  As we are a ‘pet’ family.

You are welcome to skip those to the parts that you enjoy the best, and if, like us, your life is enriched with furry feline friends, then you might enjoy them too.

The beauty featured in this particular post is Bella.  It was not my first choice of name, but she lives up to the name in every respect.Bella tub

Our one year old chocolate labrador simply enriches our lives (and finally has stopped chewing our shoes and furniture) which of course makes her all the more adorable.

Looking forward to a great year ahead, and sharing adventures of the travel, creative and the ‘social’ variety with you.

What are you planning to do a bit differently this year?

Have you exciting ideas to share?