These are the moments that take us from the heat of summer to the relative cool of winter.

Hailing from the northern hemisphere, our autumn days here seem very heady and summery.


Wondering where the madness of Brexit will go next?

I love the UK, and having been brought up in Scotland and England in about equal measure, I feel an affinity to both.

I’ve lived around half my life in sunny Australia now.  So I am clearly a bit of a mongrel (in the nicest sense).

I would have been a ‘remainer’ with the UK vote, but now just would like it all to be over… for everyone’s sake, including us watching public.

How do those News Editor’s and commentators come up with anything new to say (barring of course May’s potential resignation offer yesterday).

The sadness is that our world seems to be more polarised than it has been for some time.

I have friends who love Trump and loathe Trump.

Jacinda Ahern said today it’s all about ‘humanity’ not domestic issues or ethnicity at the Christchurch memorial ceremony.

I think we need a little dose more of those thoughts around politics generally…

On a lighter note, I have ordered several beautiful full length cotton dresses to take with me to India, and am currently trying out three different pairs of ‘comfy’ shoes to walk around in.

I’m not necessarily of the ‘comfy’ ilk generally.  Yet, I would not call myself vain (ha ha).

Plus, I have ordered a new body for my camera.

A Nikon DX750.  It seems to cover all my needs and I can use my existing lenses, speedlights etc with it.

Photos will follow with the new kit….